What You Really Need to Know About Anavar

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A comprehensive guide on all there is to know about Anavar 

In the world of steroids Anavar is well known in those circles, in the world of performance enhancing drugs this steroid has achieved somewhat of mythical status as it’s well-known among bodybuilders and athletes. There are plenty of powerful anabolic steroids on the market, but Anavar is the benchmark that judges all other available compounds. 

Anavar for bodybuilding is among the best and most-tolerable steroids that will give you desired results and fantastic gains. For this article, we will discuss everything that there is to know about Anavar. Don’t go anywhere. 

What is Anavar? History and Overview  

Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone is a that belongs to a class of drugs widely known anabolic steroids. The product is DHT-derived anabolic steroid with two structural modifications that boost its bioavailability and potency making it popular amongst bodybuilders as its effective in enhancing their performance and improve stamina and physique. 

The history of Anavar dates back to the year 1962; Christopher J. Jung and Raphael Pappo first developed it while they were still at Searle Laboratories (now part of Pfizer). Researchers at the time of the development phase were very intrigued by oxandrolone’s fragile androgenic effects relative to anabolic effects. In 1964 Oxandrolone was approved to be used for medical purposes due to its properties. 

After a series of negative publicity as bodybuilders and athletes illegally used it as a performance-enhancing drug and its manufacture was stopped in 1989 by Searle Laboratories. It was relaunched this time by Bio-Technology General CORP (BTG) now known as Savient Pharmaceuticals acquired its licensing rights. 

After successful clinical trials in 1995, it was finally released under a new brand name Oxandrin. The company also won authorizations for orphan drug status by the FDA for treating turner syndrome, alcoholic hepatitis and HIV induced weight-loss. 

If you are hoping to buy Anavar online  you should know that Anavar is one of the most expensive anabolic steroids which caused its popularity to decline in recent years. The original name of oxandrolone was known as Anavar; the brand name was marketed in the United States and the Netherlands, its production was stopped and relaunched in The United States under the brand name Oxandrin which is the only remaining brand name in the U.S.

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What are the Uses of Anavar?

Usage of Anavar can be classified into two:

  • Medical 
  • Bodybuilding 

Medical use

During initial production Anavar was mainly intended for medical purposes, it has been well researched, and doctors use it as a prescription for treating a wide variety of conditions. The FDA has approved it for treating bone pains commonly associated with osteoporosis; it's used in regaining weight lost during certain medical conditions such as chronic infection, trauma, and surgery.

Anavar is used in speeding up recovery from severe burns in both long terms and short term. Doctors use Oxandrolone to promote growth and development of girls with Turner syndrome. For patients with HIV/AIDS, it's used to combat wasting.

Bodybuilding uses 

 Weight lifters and Bodybuilders use Anavar to improve their physique, enhance their performance and improve stamina. The steroid suppresses hormones increasing retention of muscles in the body making it easier to bulk-up faster, that’s why it’s very famous in bodybuilding.  

Anavar promotes nitrogen retention in the body that boosts protein synthesis aiding in faster development of muscles giving you a hard lean appearance. 

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Best Legal Anavar Alternative
Best Legal Anavar Alternative
Anavar Benefits

Improves power, speed, and agility

Testimonials and Anavar reviews all conclude that Anavar increases the ability to boost strength which in turn increases power, speed, and agility. Most athletes mainly rely on power and speed during events; Anavar improves the overall performance of athletes.

No aromatization

Bodybuilder widely uses Anavar as it doesn't aromatize. With Anavar there is no conversion to estrogen, unlike other anabolic steroids which have adverse effects on men. Estrogen is responsible for changes in behavior like mood swings and breast enlargement. Lack of aromatization is one of the critical benefits as to why athletes love Anavar.

Boosts fat burning process

Anavar does not reduce fat directly in the body, but it speeds up the fat burning process, for athletes who want to have a ripped, well-toned and lean body Anavar for weight loss is perfect for them. When the steroid is used in the right dosage with a balanced diet coupled with excellent workout it boosts the metabolism process resulting in the reduction of fat.

Increased strength and endurance

Anavar has a high retention of nitrogen which boosts the metabolism of sugar which in turns increase strength, the more the nitrogen in the body results in longer work out sessions increasing strength due to high good metabolism rate. It also improves quick recovery of the body enabling you to push even harder.

Solid gains over time

Other steroids often cause water retention, Anavar compounds doesn't cause water retention, that's why bodybuilder gain a maximum of 10 pounds over 12 weeks as compared to other steroids which cause more weight gains. Anavar results are impressive giving you a lean muscle mass with a toned appearance,

Who should use Anavar?

Competitive bodybuilders use an Anavar cycle of between 6-8 weeks and an Anavar dosage of approximately 70mg per day as it improves muscle size and strength giving them a well-built body with precise cuts. Athletes take it to improve their performances and endurance. However, in most sporting events Anavar anabolic steroid is illegal as they are grouped as performance-enhancing drugs which are outlawed in many countries, so bodybuilders who want to find a suitable replacement that is legal and has the same effect can now opt for the best legal Anavar alternative in the world ( in our opinion) as well as other highest quality legal steroids  for bulking, cutting and strengthening.

What are the major side effects of Anavar?

Cardiovascular problems

Anavar suppresses the production of HDL cholesterol while at the same time increasing LDL cholesterol-raising your cholesterol levels in the body potentially increasing the risks of developing cardiovascular problems

Androgenic Side Effects 

Use of Anavar causes other androgenic effects such as acne due to increased production of sebum, loss of hair and change of voice due to low testosterone in the body. Low amount of testosterone hormones can cause infertility as it lowers sperm production 


Anavar compounds are C-17 alpha alkylated (C-17aa) making them more resistant to be broken down while in the liver increasing the amount of stress and pressure exerted on your liver which could cause severe problems to the user and ultimately cause liver failure