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When it comes to bodybuilding and high-performance sports many athletes feel that in order to gain an advantage over their fellow athletes it is necessary to enhance their performance with anabolic steroids, however there are bodybuilding supplements that work like steroids dubbed "legal steroids" simply because they are the closest thing to steroids that you can get without being illegal.

One such healthy alternative to steroids that has gain immense popularity among both men and women is Anvarol, a legal Anavar Alternative which is known for its superior ability to shed fat and eliminate bloating while preserving lean muscle giving your physique a finely sculpted look.

Now we know that there are going to be sceptics out there that will argue that even the best Anvarol alternative is not going to be as powerful as Oxandrolone (Anavar) and we would be lying if we said that it was as potent, however when you weigh the good against the bad we think you will come to an understanding that a legal Anvarol alternative is the way to go for long term gains without doing harm to your physical health.

We have consulted with many natural bodybuilders and professional athletes alike as well as browsing a multitude of Anvarol before and after pictures, along with studying the scientifically researched formula that goes into the best legal steroids and we have determined Anvarol does in fact closely mimic the results that you get from Anvar with the exception of any adverse side effects.

Bodybuilders are particularly interested in this legal Anavar alternative for use during the cutting cycle to finely tune their physiques right before a competition as they find that the increased energy levels that they experience allows them to push themselves to the limit while experiencing rapid fat loss and complete muscle retention.

How does it compare to the real thing 

As we mentioned earlier, steroid alternatives are admittedly not as powerful as the real mccoy but they do mimic the results quite effectively and when exercising time and patients most athletes are very pleased with the eventual outcomes so the bottom line is that when you compare the results you will find that they are quite similar however when you compare the side affects you will find a huge contrast.

Side effects associated with Anavar include:

  • Decreased production of testosterone

  • Lowered libido/sexual drive

  • Toxic to your liver

  • May lead to infertility

  • Often causes migraine headaches

  • Excess sebum leading to severe acne

  • Very oily/greasy hair

Side effects associate with a high-quality Anavar alternative include:

  • ZERO side effects, just pure results!

As you can appreciate the pros very much outweigh the cons when it comes to the results vs the side effects, so why risk your health when you can use a safe and legal alternative.

Exactly how do Anavar alternatives work?

A top performing Anavar alternative such as Anvarol will boost your body’s phosphocreatine levels which in turn helps to generate greater amounts of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels giving your muscles the extra energy required to contract for a longer period of time during training sessions, your body’s natural ATP levels will only enable your muscles to contract for a few of seconds but with the extra generation of ATP your muscle will have the extra energy need to contact for great periods of time.
So without the extra ATP your muscle will fatigue much quicker and gains will be minimal, however with extra ATP you’ll have the energy to push your muscles beyond their normal ability resulting in continuous gains.

Anvarol makes it possible for you to maximize and maintain your optimal body’s ATP production further than its natural capacities. How? Here’s a term worth remembering – phosphocreatine.

What Ingredients should a top level Anavar alternative contain?

The best Anavar alternatives are only as good as their ingredient lists, so forget about all the hype and fancy packaging you come across online and let’s focus solely on the active ingredients that are most important:

Soy Protein

Soy Protein naturally boosts the body's amino acids and keeps them elevated long after your workouts resulting in greater gains

Whey Protein

Whey protein contains various kinds of fast absorbing amino acids that are necessary to the development of lean muscles and extra strength.

The results of numerous scientific studies all indicate that whey protein increases strength levels, builds rock hard muscle and helps to quickly eliminate excess body fat.

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

BCAA's are an import ingredient when it comes to building the kind of muscle that gives you that Lean PUMPED look even while you are on a calorie-reduced diet, Branched Amino Acids should be a major part of every bodybuilder’s supplementation when cutting before a competition.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Adenosine triphosphate plays a major role in your muscles ability to remain contracted while lifting heavy weights, however our body's natural ATP levels only enable contractions of a few so with the addition of ATP your muscles will remain contacted longer

Yam Root

Yam Root reduce inflammation and fatigue enabling you to power up your training sessions to the next level, it has also been shown to have a positive effect on over-all liver function by lowering LDL and blood pressure levels

Proper dosage:

As with all other alternative roids it is important to follow the manufacturer’s directions for use so as to achieve maximum results and avoid any risk of side effects due to taking too much, and in the case of the best legal Anavar alternatives it is recommended that you take 3 caps daily about 15 minutes post work-out and for no less than 2 months, if you are stacking with other alternatives we recommend stacking with the best legal Winstrol alternative Clenbuterol alternative and Trenbolone alternative alternatives.


We firmly believe that Anvarol is the best legal Anavar alternative in today's market. The results speak for themselves as they come very close to the results you would achieve with Oxandrolone (Anavar) when given time and in accordance with the proper dosage, and the risk mof side effects is little to none as the ingredients are all-natural and well tolerated by most people.

Men and Women can both benefit from the use of this highly regarded Anavar alternative and can expect drastic increases in strength, lean muscle mass and excess fat reduction resulting in a well uniformed and sculpted appearance!

Bottom Line is that it works — and it works VERY WELL!
Anvarol is Considered by Many Bodybuilders to be the Best Legal Anavar Alternative for Rapid Fat Loss, Boosting Energy and Lean Muscle Retention — it's 100% Safe, Legal, Effective and With No Side Effects!
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