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Fertility Supplements for Men

In the United States, about 10-12% of couples suffer from fertility issues. From those cases, about 40-50% is due to the male infertility factor. Needless to say, this can create very difficult and emotional situations for couples. 

For men, in particular, the experience is often traumatic and can have a powerful impact on their self-esteem and quality of life. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective supplements for male fertility that are helping men increase both their sperm count and motility, which refers to the sperm’s ability to “swim”. 

That being said, there are many products on the market that promise the same miracle results yet are nothing but attention-grabbing duds that do nothing other than drain your wallet. Unfortunately this has helped fuel the misconception that most of these supplements for male fertility will have little to no effect.  

Let’s take a look at how male infertility can affect your quality of life and how quality supplements for male infertility can help restore your confidence and enable you to create the life you always wanted to live. 

Do I Really Need to be Boncerned About Male Infertility?

In most relationships, time is a precious commodity. With so many things that can happen in life, being able to take advantage of your time is of incredible importance. Most men will not know that they’re infertile until they actually start trying to get their partner pregnant. 

Male infertility is defined clinically as being unable to get your partner pregant after a year of unprotected sex. Waiting a year to be formally diagnosed with having a suboptimal sperm count will set your plans back even further as you now have to explore treatment programs that will hopefully help correct your condition. 

All in all, you could easily spend a few years before you are finally able to get your partner pregnant. With many recent reports showing that male infertility has been on the rise for the past few decades in the US and in Europe, the sooner you diagnose your condition the better your chances will be to have kids in the future.  
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Complications of Male Infertility

Suffering from male infertility not only affects the plans you may have with your partner and for life in general, there are also some serious health risks that should be a major concern to affected men. 

In other words, whether you ultimately want kids or not, here are a few reasons why you need to treat your male infertility condition starting today:

  • May require surgery to correct the low sperm count issue or other potential reproductive problems. 

  • May require overly complicated and expensive reproductive techniques. 

  • May sour your relationship with your significant other. 

Why You Need Supplements for Male fertility

While there are many medical treatments that have helped patients regain their fertility, a lot of them are actually very costly and their success rates are more of a hit or miss scenario. In other words, it’s a high-cost investment with significant physical and emotional risks. 

On the other hand, the best supplements for male fertility have been providing excellent results that are helping men all over the country get their lives and health back on track. Here are some of the many benefits that high-quality and clinically-approved supplements can offer men in fighting male infertility:

Supplements for Male Infertility

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1) Boost sperm count 

The number, or concentration of sperm cells has a direct impact on the quality of your sperm. Most quality supplements on the market contain Zinc and Selenium which have been proven to help boost sperm count and improve its quality. 

2) Improve the shape of the sperm

Abnormal sperm morphology, or its shape, is a good indicator of whether or not you may be at risk of having fertility issues. Specifically, the head shape of the sperm is crucial to enabling the sperm to dissolve the surface of the egg so it can be fertilized. 

3) Boost sperm motility

Sperm motility affects how well sperm is able to move around and is crucial for allowing the sperm to travel through the woman’s reproductive tract to reach and fertilize her egg.

4) Increase the volume of semen

A man must be able to produce an adequate semen volume of ejaculate in order to transport the semen through the woman’s reproductive tract. The lack of sperm count, or being able to  ejaculate at all is a much more common condition than many people would like to admit. And it can happen to senior adults and young teens just the same. 

5) Enhances male reproductive function

High-grade supplements support the healthy function of sperm production, erectile function and libido. Naturally, this also leads to a much better sexual performance that can lead to better relationships and a happier outlook on life. 
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Backed by Extensive Clinical Studies 

Most supplements on the market claim to be clinically approved with no data to back up their claims. Well, you don’t have to be a doctor or scientist to write a bogus report. 

However, with the advances of technology, research, and the internet, being able to back up your claims with hard, irrefutable clinical data is the only way to build up your credibility in today’s hyper-competitive market. 

Products like Fertility Factor 5 (FF5) have undergone extensive clinical trials with incredibly strict quality requirements that most other products on the market would likely fail immediately. Among the factors that help determine whether a clinical trial is credible and effective, the following three criteria are used as guidelines in determining the best supplements for male fertility ...

  • The product has undergone extensive research by other medical professionals in the field.
  • Its ingredients and usage causes no harmful side-effects whatsoever. 
  • The results show conclusive evidence that the supplement does help treat male infertility. 
As you can see, the powerful benefits that natural, high-quality supplements for male fertility offer men are a far more attractive proposition than the costly traditional medical treatments that have a spotty track record of success. 

Using supplements alongside a healthier and active lifestyle is the best way to maximize the potential for treating male fertility issues and living a much more fulfilling life. 
Best Male Fertility Supplements